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What are the three prerequisites of Potty Training?

There are three important pre-requisite for potty training:

1. Physical readiness: This readiness includes fine and gross motor skills, hiding for BM, the ability to stay dry during the day, the ability to remove clothes and being uncomfortable in a wet diaper.

2. Cognitive Readiness: This readiness includes communication and understanding of words Pee/Poop.

One useful tip: All caregivers use the same communication to prevent confusion for the child during training.

3. Emotional Readiness: The most complicated one to gauge as sometimes a child cannot express their feelings. Suppose the child shows a strong reluctance to toilet then back off and reevaluate the process!

Being a Certified Consultant we recommend 22-28 months is the ideal age to start the training process.

Start the process when the Child is Ready! READY means when he/she wants to use the toilet. You are always an expert on your child.!!

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