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Three things will make potty training smooth.

Being positive, consistent and persistent is crucial in potty training for several reasons:

Encouragement: Positive reinforcement helps the children to feel good about their progress and encourages them to continue trying.

Establishing Routine: Consistency helps children understand what is expected of them and establishes a routine important for potty training success.

Confidence building: Persistence shows children that you trust their ability to learn and succeed, which boosts their confidence and motivation.

Reducing Confusion: Consistency in approach reduces confusion for children, making it easier for them to understand and follow the potty training process.

Creating habit: By consistently reinforcing desired behaviour, you help children to develop habits that will stay with them when they grow older.

Overall, being positive, consistent and persistent creates a supportive environment which will make potty training smoother and these three things will pay off in the long run!

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