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Rewards and Praise in Potty Training

Rewards are the best way to encourage the child to sit on a potty seat. There is a difference between rewards and bribes. Being a certified Potty Consultant, I always promote rewards. Rewards motivate our kids for good behaviour, which we call pee or poop in the potty seat.

We all need rewards for our hard work in the same way it works for our kids. Now question what rewards we can offer our kids during potty training. Rewards can be anything. Some examples are:


  • M&M
  • Little Cad Peanut or almond Chocolates
  • Haribo bears
  • Marshmallows
  • Jelly beans
  • Fruit Popsicles
  • Tictac


  • Stickers
  • Small toys
  • Books
  • Hand stamps
  • Temporary tattoos


  • Nature walk
  • TV Show
  • Tablet Time
  • Baking Cookies/Cake
  • Library Story Time

Reward Charts: These are my favourite ones. I used them during my toddler potty training, and they work wonders for me. You can either buy readymade or make your own. Making your own and involving the child in completing the chart makes potty training an exciting project for the child!

On top of that, always give the child lots of physical praise and appreciation by saying,” I like it when you pee or poop on the potty. I am so happy that you are a big boy or girl now!”

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