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Potty Training Break.

The potty break is a sometimes necessary part of the potty training process. There are several reasons why a potty break may be required, such as when a child is not emotionally ready for training or is struggling to learn the process. In such cases, taking a break and giving the child more time to adjust to the new routine is important.

Some reasons for potty training break are:

  • The child develops medical issues
  • Parent’s mental health starts struggling
  • The potty training process is not progressing after 10 days
  • Parent becomes sick
  • The child regresses during new changes like a newborn, changing home, divorce, death of near one etc.

During the potty break, children can be put back in diapers or pull-ups to remove any confusion and avoid setbacks. Having a calm and assertive conversation with the child about the transition is essential. You could say,

“This potty training process can be quite challenging for both of us. However, we need to take a break and come back to it later with renewed strategies. During this break, if you want to try using the potty, it’s here for you, but if not, it’s okay too. We will take this time to regroup and come back stronger.” Keeping the potty visible to the child during the break will remind them of the training and help them stay motivated.

Taking a potty training break means starting the process with a fresh and assertive perspective. With more experience and a confident attitude, you will achieve success!

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