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Best approach to Potty Training.

When I started potty training my daughter two years back many parents around me suggested a child-led approach is better than a parent-led approach which is true as it is easy for parents and less power struggle but now as a consultant and working with families, I found both approaches are fine as it depends on the family requirements or moreover can say no one size fits all! Many Parents are happy and have success with a parent-led approach.

The most common thing in both approaches from my perspective is parental control and this control is more likely to motivate the child for the potty training process and support during setbacks in the process. The parents must set up a strong foundation by providing the right environment.
Rest Practice, Patience, Consistency and time are the keys to progress!

Both approaches are acceptable and do not have any long-term effects on dysfunctional voiding. (Marc Colaco et al. Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2013 Jan).

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