Potty training is one of the most daunting milestones in a child’s life. As a licensed Potty Training Consultant, I am helping parents and caregivers to achieve this milestone with fewer challenges.

We all are busy with parenting responsibilities like breast/formula feeding, baby-led weaning, sleep training, potty training and gentle parenting. So sometimes, it is hard to absorb all of them together, and things get overwhelming, which is very natural. My goal is to reduce this overwhelmedness to some extent during potty training. It’s the child’s job to understand how to use the potty seat, and our job as parents is to help and support them to use it correctly!

Being a mother is also challenging for me to potty train, my toddler. I searched on Google for hours, but finding a method that suits your needs, and your child is difficult. While searching, I found out about Allison Jandu’s certification course owner and Founder of Potty Training Consultant, which interests me. I discussed it with my husband and decided to do the course and help those parents who are struggling in their Potty Training journey like me.

Potty training consists of two Ps, Pee and Poo, the same way the training process revolves around two Ps, Patience and Perseverance. I strongly believe in these two Ps while working with parents and caregivers to make this process easy and less challenging.

With my plans, parents and caregivers understand the concept of potty training more clearly. In these plans, I will discuss tips, tricks, methods and troubleshooting of different issues while potty training, such as stool withholding, resistance to using the potty, regressions, accidents, going out of the house, and more. I customise plans according to the child’s personality and family conditions because there is no one-size-fits-all, which means that work for one child most likely will not work for another.

I already potty trained my girl. In the beginning, I found troubleshooting, especially with the poop. She started withholding a poop and waited for the diaper to come. Now, after two months at the age of 2, I can make her utterly diaper-free with patience and perseverance. Now she does the setbacks in the diaper-the best compliment I have received from her daycare.

You will find all of my packages in detail on my Plans page. If you want to redefine your child’s potty training journey or want to start from the beginning, please book your session on my Plans page and have a virtual coffee chat with me!