Potty Training

Potty training with me but who am I?

Hi! My name is Gurinder Kaur, a certified Potty Training Consultant(real thing) who assists Parents and Caregivers with their child’s important  and daunting milestone, Potty Training. I am the wife and mother of two kids Ashmeet and Sehaj. I am located in Perth, WA but virtually available throughout Australia.

My Strategies Success Mantra belongs to three P’s

First, educate the child about the potty seat and then gives a practise of sitting on it. Practise leads to progress.

Try to be Patient with their mistakes, especially accidents. Accidents are the frustrating part of the training but they are crucial.

Always appreciate little progress during the training from sitting to potty seat to peeing /pooping on it as it leads to Empowerment which means using the toilet independently.

I customize plans according to the child's personality and family conditions because there is no one-size-fits-all, which means the method work for one child most likely will not work for another.

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I have been more regular since we spoke. Your guidance has helped me to understand that she doesn’t have to quit using nappy cold turkey. I have been consistent now. As I said we moved a lot so now that we are settled I can continue with the routine. Slowly I’ll train her to be nappy-free during bedtime and outdoors. Thank you.

- Nawreen Brisbane


Such a professional dealing, you listen well and advice accordingly. The best thing is you stay in touch and get feedback, highly recommended.

- Yash Perth


My favourite part was that you took a full history of every detail about our potty training journey, you also considered Mohammad’s personality to come out with a tailored plan to solve our challenges. Another thing I liked was that the plan was simple, easy to apply and maintain and we saw improvement in a short time. I loved that you emailed me back to follow up and to check his progress and your words were always kind and encouraging so definitely exceeded my expectations of course I would recommend anyone facing any potty training challenges to contact you.

- Leen Jordan

Middle East

Gurinder is fantastic! I am so glad I found her and how she made a plan that I was very consistent with. Gurinder answers any questions/concerns to make toilet training a smooth and easy process. Can’t recommend her enough! Thank you 🙂 

-Nourhan Sydney